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6 Social Media Hacks for Designers

Social media has been the age of influence this generation. Around 70% of the globe uses social media for marketing, influencing & knowing in an instant what is happening around the world. Here are 6 Social Media hacks for designers, where you could gain more followers just by posting the right design & content.

Get an attractive hook cover design

Major companies have a constant template & color theme for all the social media creatives they post on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin & Youtube. This is because just by looking at the post the audience identifies the brand. So its really important for you to follow the same template & color code for all your posts to get recognized by your audience and make your feed look better.

Stick to 1 or 2 fonts 

Brands have one major font and one sided font for all the creatives. They analyze that pairing fonts help create contrast, hierarchy & visual interest, making it easy for the audience to understand the content. The fonts which are common are Times-New Roman, Helvetica, Edwardian Script. But its always better to use a unique font style to keep your brand in the spotlight.

Choose a high contrast brand color 

Keeping and maintaining the perfect color contrast for your brand will give a sense of belonging to your audience. Which will give your audience the clarity, enhance the engagement & sets your brand apart. Well the 2024 most satisfying color was peach fuzz, by pantone. So you could use that color, with a tone of blue nova for keeping your audience engaged.

Use as much as space possible

It is scientifically proven that users do not read, but scan the text which is on the creative. So keep your content short and up to the point. Too much content in the post will make it look clustered and congested. So the shorter the content would be more likely to receive more likes and interaction than with the creative with more of content.

Be creative

Creative work is always rewarded by the audience through likes, shares, subscribing & sales. Which is really important for a brand to survive in the digital era. All your designs could be created using a tool called Canva. Which will help you with the templates, font & various colors that match your brand. So to be in the spotlight its always better to be creative and keep up with current affairs around the world.

Use high resolution topic related image

Using images which are related to the context of the creative gives the audience an understanding on what the creative is about. It conveys a sense of quality and attention to detail. It should have sharpness, relevance & the loading speed of the image is very important for the creative you have made to get the attention of the audience.

Coming to an understanding of what needs to be done to achieve your targeted audience and how to keep them engaged. You just need the right context with the perfect color and font which will help your brand to build and mesmerize the audience.

For more tips & tricks, from starting your business and turning it into a brand. We can help you out with the all the digital marketing requirements you need, contact us at

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