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What is the AIDA Marketing Model ?

AIDA marketing has been a successful marketing model or hierarchical model since 1910, Invented by a sales pioneer E. St. Elmo Lewis. In the book of Advertisers & guide to Advertising, He has mentioned on how the AIDA model work, 

A - Attention

I - Interest

D -Desire 

A - Action

Read on more to learn more about the AIDA marketing model.

Why is the AIDA Model Used ?

It's used to attract consumers by giving them the psychological need for the product & it identifies the cognitive stages of a customer while purchasing it. This model is used in Digital Marketing, Sales strategy & Public relation campaigns. AIDA model is to identify the stages that an individual goes through during the process of purchasing a product or service.

What is the AIDA Model ?

A - Attention, The first step of the AIDA model is attention. It's always better for your product/services to attract customers' attention through mediums of marketing & advertising.

There are various ways of attracting a customer, The first one is Creative Disruption. That's when your product/service has a creative design. (For Example: Guerilla Marketing is placing your advertisement in an unexpected location or situation) The goal of this is to make your consumer aware that your product/service exists. Creating that hype of “What is this ?”

I - Interest, Now once the customer is aware of your product/service. The second step is to set interest by showing them a teaser of the product/service. There are many ways to create interest among the audience. Keeping less content & adding illustrator images to your advertising will give them a great sense of understanding to the audience as well it would interest them thinking “I like it”.

D - Desire, The second and this step of the process goes hand in hand. The aim is to make your customers Desire about the product/service, like your product should come in the wants of the customer. The most efficient way is to make them realize why they want your product. Tell them how they could benefit from your product from the competitors, which will make them want the product more & more. Build up that trust from “I like it” to “I want it”. 

A -Action, The last but not least step of the module is Action. This happens when you drive the consumer to purchase the product/service. Every marketing or advertising that has been done should end with CTA (Call To Action). The design should get an immediate response which creates a sense of urgency among the consumers. The customer should be convinced saying “I’m getting it”. 

R -Retention, This step has not been included in the AIDA Model, but it's one of the most important steps. After the consumer is done purchasing your product/service, Retention of the customer is important, this helps them to come back and purchase your product again & again.

Turning this into “I need it”.

To summarize the entire module, It's basically to attract the attention of the consumers to know about your product/service, generating interest to like the product/service you’re providing, Which creates the conviction among the customers to want it & by telling them how your product could benefit them you can turn that into action, which will make them purchase it.

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